Spider Pest Control

For an effective spider pest control treatment it is essential to determine what species of spiders you want to manage and understand their habitat, environment and favourite foods.

A Micropest pest control Sydney treatment manages all spider species excluding ground dwelling spiders and huntsman spiders. ( Different treatment required. ) Price varys from $280.00 to $320.00 ( conditions apply ) , depending on the size and complexity of the job.

A general pest control treatment on a house or building once a year, not only reduces the amount of spiders, but also the food source of the spiders. ( Lots of food, lots of spiders. ) This makes it less conducive for them  to establish themselves and breed. Combining this with a d.i.y physical spider control treatment is the best you are going to get.

Micropest uses a German treatment made by Bayer called Cislin 25. Its rain fast, UV light resistant, odourless, baby friendly, pet friendly, effective and lasts a long time. Over the years we have carefully trialled a number of products discarding the unsafe and ineffective. Cislin is definitely the best product on the market taking into consideration safety and effectiveness.

For an effective spider pest control service its essential to treat the spider webs and or the spiders themselves. Spiders eat their own webs therefore ingesting the treatment. Around the windows, eves and door frames.

D.I.Y Physical Spider Control.

1) Vacuum weekly all the spider webs and spiders around the cornices, scirtings and windows inside the house giving the the spiders no time to establish themselves and breed. You would be very surprised how little time it takes and how effective it is. P.S Dyson V8 stick vacuums are the best.

2) Outside the house vacuum the webs and spiders around the foundations,windows, planter boxes, pots, doors,vegetation and most importantly children’s toys. The alternative to vacuuming is to hose down the same areas with high pressure water.

3) Reduce the amount of vegetation and or clutter up to and around the house, leaving little or no sheltered areas for spiders to live. Spiders like shelter.